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Do These When Failing to Get College Scholarship

beasiswa aWhen failing to get college scholarship, some students become less enthusiasm to study at college and some other complain to college staffs because they are not satisfied with the mechanism and scholarship selection process. This is certainly not true because the campus parties already have policy for the scholarship distribution. Thus, what should you do if you fail to get college scholarship? Follow the following tips:

Find out the mistakes. Evaluate and find the reasons why this failure occurs. Is it because you submit incomplete documents or you submit scholarship application late? If you already know your mistakes, you have to learn from your mistakes, so next scholarship season, you can avoid doing any mistakes and have much chance to get scholarship.

Ask for advices. Don’t doubt to ask for advices from your supervisors or college friends who ever got scholarship. Use all advices and suggestions as your references, so that you know what you should and should not do, so your scholarship proposal is approved.

Last but not least, visit that provides free scholarship information at various top universities in Indonesia, like President University, Binus University, Trisakti School of Management, and so on. Besides, you can find the detailed information about scholarship requirements and tests, so you can know what to do to get scholarship. If you feel confused, you can ask the staffs for more information.

Remember not to give up fast if you get any difficulties! You must continue struggling till you can realize your dream to get scholarship.